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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is LAD traded and what is its ticker symbol?

Lithia & Driveway trades on the NewYork Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol LAD.

When did LAD begin its operations?

Lithia & Driveway was founded in 1946 in Ashland, Oregon, and has over 75 years of operating history.

How many employees does LAD have?

As of December 31, 2022, we employed approximately 21,875 persons on a full-time equivalent basis.

Does LAD pay a dividend?

Yes, as of April 20, 2022 Lithia & Driveway pays a $0.42 per share dividend.

What is LAD's fiscal year?

Lithia & Driveway's fiscal year followsthe calendar year. Lithia & Driveway's first quarter ends March 31, secondquarter ends June 30, third quarter ends September 30, and its fourth quarterends December 31.

How many shares of common stock does LAD have outstanding?

As of March 31, 2022, Lithia & Driveway has 29.4 million shares outstanding.

When did LAD complete its initial public offering and what was the offering price?

Lithia & Driveway completed its initialpublic offering on December 18, 1996. The initial offering of 2,500,000 shares was priced at $11.00 per share.

Who is LAD's Independent Auditor?


Where is LAD located?

Lithia & Driveway's headquarters are located at 150 N. Bartlett Street, Medford,Oregon 97501-5892

How can I contact LAD?

Email Us.